Is there a specific diet that must be followed in Ramadan to lose more weight?

Is there a specific diet that must be followed in Ramadan to lose more weight?

Ramadan is a great opportunity to lose weight because it does not allow you to eat and drink for several hours a day, so the body uses stores of carbohydrates (in the liver and muscles) and fats for energy production once 
all the calories from the foods consumed during the night have been used up. Healthy eating with good hydration is the key to preventing any common fasting related symptoms like headaches, tiredness, difficulty concentrating, etc.

Here are the most important tips that prepare the body for fasting in an easier way:

* Intermittent fasting (It will control appetite while fasting).

* Gradually reduce your food intake, especially if you do not control your food portions during the day.

* Reduce your snacks and focus more on the three main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).

* Reduce caffeine intake and replace it with decaffeinated coffee or reduce the amount of coffee and make it as late as possible.

The worst habits that may increase the likelihood of gaining weight in Ramadan are:

* Consuming a lot of deep fried food (use Air fryer instead).

* Skipping Suhoor (leads to overeating at Iftar).

* Consuming a lot of added and refined sugars (replace it with a natural one found in fruits).

* Not drinking enough water

* Decreased level of physical activity

     Many studies have been done and more is needed to learn more about the relationship between fasting and weight loss and whether there is any specific diet recommended that helps the body lose more weight. Most of them agreed that it is not about the type of diet but the amount and calories consumed during the day which is calculated based on many factors (age, gender, height, weight and level of physical activity). It's not about what type of diet, whether you're vegan, low carb, 6 packs, or keto, will allow you to lose more weight, but how to control the type and portions of your foods. Consider the diet that will work for you in the long term, not temporarily, in order to lose weight the healthy way and maintain your results.

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Reference by: Rana Abbas

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28 March, 2022
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Ramadan Fasting- Fat loss & Improved Health