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Student Program
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Student Program

Focusing on teenagers and university students, whether hitting the books for a cramming session or attending classes, it is vital to ensure our students have the right combination of healthy and nutritious food to aid in concentration and growth. Our students’ program will help them focus on their studies, whilst we focus on their sustenance.

Number of consultations: 2 per month.

Calories and Menu details of Student Program

*Calories range: 800-1500 kcal
3 meals + 2 drinks
* A diet plan providing a part of your daily nutritional needs and giving you the flexibility to complete the rest
* Suitable for university students looking for healthy ready-to-eat meals that will help them lose or maintain healthy body weight.

Set the total calorie intake and the number of days you wish to subscribe to check out our competitive prices. Menu Items can be customized upon consultation with our nutritionists/ dieticians.