Ramadan Fasting- Fat loss & Improved Health

Ramadan Fasting-Your opportunity for fat loss and improved health!

Ramadan Fasting

The holy month of Ramadan is almost here! The time during which Muslims introspect and fast from dawn till dusk, and depending on your geographical location, hours of fasting will vary from 9 to 20 hours. 

Many people fear that abstaining from food and water for that long would have adverse effects on overall health. However, not only are there countless spiritual benefits of ramadan fasting, but also a great deal of health and weight-related rewards!

In this blog, I will introduce you to a guidance of how to take advantage of this month as an approach to weight loss and the health-related perks of fasting!

Let’s start with how you can easily drop off some of your extra pounds:

     Plan a healthy and balanced iftar.

Don’t fall for the common mistake of immediately enjoying the food at once, instead break your fast with three dates, water, and a nutritious soup to help you rehydrate then take a short break to pray before you get back to your meal and start eating. This will give you a better perspective of how much food you really need to feel satisfied therefore know when to stop before getting too full-on food. 

Avoid fried appetizers and desserts

Fried food is probably the main reason behind why people end up gaining weight instead of losing it during the holy month. Keep in mind that fried foods are very high in calories and low in nutrients, but the healthier alternatives are always at hand. Just air-fry or bake your favorite Ramazani goods instead of deep frying them and be ready to experience the wonders!

Make suhoor wholesome

It is important not to miss suhoor meal, not only will it provide you fuel for the day but it will also prevent over eating at iftar because it decreases the feeling of hunger during hours of fasting. Our tip to you is to include whole grain and multigrain products, legumes and yogurt to this meal as they are slow energy releasers, and they’ll keep you pumped for longer. 

       Limit salt and stay hydrated!

Foods with high sodium content will make you thirstier during the day, so avoid them. Hydration remains as one of the most important factors to stress the importance of as dehydration will increase signals of false hunger as well as worsens the weight loss process.

            Incorporate moderate exercise

Remaining active will surprisingly help in reducing fatigue and providing your body with more physical strength during the day, especially with proper fluid intake and nutrition, it is also an amazing way to aid greater fat loss.

And here are some of the health outcomes from ramadan food:

            Dates: almost the healthiest fruit out there!

It’s out of spiritual reasons that you break your fast with three dates, but it also comes with bonuses including the fact that it contains just over 1 ounce of carbohydrates which is perfect to provide you with a boost of energy, it is also high in fiber, antioxidants, magnesium, potassium, and B vitamins. Having dates on a daily basis will support your gut and bone health as well as empowering your defenses against disease and inflammation.

            Become mentally sharp.

Many studies found that once an individual adapts to fasting, they often report having higher energy levels, better cognition, mood, self-confidence, and sleep. It’s also one of the approaches to reduce anxiety and protect you against neurological disorders as this act helps in improving the electrochemical activity of complicated networks of nerve cells.

            Ditch bad habits for good!

Bad habits include sugar addiction, and it is scientifically proven that the more sugar we consume, the more we want. And Ramadan is the perfect opportunity to get rid of this habit, because with the long hours of abstaining from desserts and sugar-loaded drinks, your body gradually accustoms itself until the addiction is gone for good. Even though the initial 72 hours can be hard, the good news is that this addiction can be broken in 10 days and completely eliminated after 21 days of actually committing to restricting snacks and drinks loaded with added sugar and replacing them with healthier options like fresh fruits.

          Spiritual and Physical detoxification.

When fasting your body will start using up its fat deposits to create energy, which will not only aid your fat-loss journey but also help in burning away the harmful toxins that might be present in your fat reserves.

          More Adiponectin!

It is a known fact that adiponectin, which is a fat derived hormone, increases during fasting. And this hormone plays a crucial role in protecting you against atherosclerosis, insulin resistance and diabetes.

           Lower cholesterol

Ramadan food is a great chance to lose weight, it was also found in recent studies that fasting is an effective way to lower cholesterol and improve your blood lipid profile. This will improve your cardiovascular health and lower the risks of a heart attack or strokes.


Lina’s and Dina’s family wishes you a Ramadan filled with peace, harmony and joy, and as always is there for you and your loved ones with the perfect plan and dietary guidance you need!

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 Reference by:            Darra Jarrad

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Ramadan Fasting- Fat loss & Improved Health
Aya Abbas
23 March, 2022
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