Reasons you are not losing Weight

Why you're not losing weight even though you're on a diet

You exercise and you think you are eating right, but surprisingly you do not see any results. Health problems, stress, and sleep can be some of the reasons, but in this article will discuss the little slips in your weight loss plan that you might be unaware of.
1. Not Counting Calories
Ketogenic diet, Paleo diet, low-carb diet, and Atkins are all common diets nowadays. It is very disappointing for dieters to follow these restrictive diets and do not lose weight. Mostly the reason is eating too much and not having a calorie deficit.
In order to lose weight, whatever is the diet you are following, you need to have a calorie deficit.
It is recommended to consult a dietitian before starting a new diet plan. Lina’s and Dina’s diet center has specialized dietitians who will help you choose the best plan for you

2. Healthy Snacks
Eating too much of healthy food will lead to weight gain. Fruit, nuts, and seeds are healthy, but they are high in calories. Unplanned consumption of these snacks in the diet might be the reason you are not losing weight
3. Fresh Juices
“I can drink juices as much as I want, it is fresh and will not affect my weight” this is something we always hear from people. Unfortunately this is not true; 1 Cup of fresh juice has an average of 120 kcal. Drinking 2-3 cups per day might cover the calorie deficit needed to lose weight
4. Coffee
Coffee is energizing and loaded with anti-oxidants.
But, research shows that over two-thirds of Americans add cream, sugar, milk and other additives to their coffee, which can make it unhealthy.
These additives are loaded with calories, and frequent consumption can ruin your diet plan
If you are a coffee lover, try to drink black coffee, or add a small portion of low-fat milk with a sweetener.

5. Salad Dressing
Salads are healthy, only when you prepare them in a healthy way.
A single serving of salad dressing can contain more calories than your entire salad.
1 cup of raw vegetables has 25 kcal, while 1 table spoon of some common salad dressing such as, ceaser, ranch, mayonnaise, or blue cheese has an average of 100 kcal

6- Healthy Oils
Yes. Olive oil is very healthy and protects against heart disease.
But too much olive oil can lead to weight gain and thus increased risk of heart disease.
Moderation is the key; eat small planned portions of healthy oil and do not forget to calculate it within your calories needs.

Losing weight can sometimes be difficult, but it is never impossible, you need to be patient and focus on these small changes in your lifestyle.
Our dietitians in Lina’s and Dina’s diet center always try to cover these points and give the best weight loss tips to make sure you are following the right path, and our weight loss program provides you with all you need in your day to avoid any unplanned additives
Edit by: Dietitian Reham

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Reham Mohammad Nabeel Alnuqtah
13 March, 2021
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