How not to gain weight in winter?

How not to gain weight in winter?

Winter is coming, and for many; winter is the season when they put on weight the most. People usually tend to eat more and move less due to the cooler air and the shorter day time. But this weight gain can be prevented if you put a plan to implement and get ready for this starting now!

Here are some tips to help you prevent the unwanted winter weight gain:

1- Watch your drinks

Usually we tend to drink more hot drinks in winter, but many drinks are high in calories, even if they are moderate in calories, drinking them repeatedly during the day will lead to weight gain.

Try to choose the drinks that are lower in calories such as, black coffee, herbal teas like, chamomile, ginger, cinnamon, or hot lemon

2-Consume winter common foods in moderation

Sweet potatoes and chestnuts are delicious, nutritious, and perfect to eat in a cold day.

You can enjoy eating them but keep in mind, eating too much will lead to weight gain

There are 100 calories in one medium sweet potato, or 5 chestnuts

3-Prepare healthy food and soups at home

Soups are enjoyable and warm to consume in winter, try to make healthy soups at home such as, vegetable soup, lentil soup or those prepared with low-fat milk.

Avoid creamy soups, and processed soups; because most of them are high in sodium, fat, and preservatives

4-Exercise at home

Yes, it’s hard to go out into the cold and go for a run, but there are countless other ways to exercise and move your body in comfort. Try Yoga, Zumba, or online classes at home.

5-Plan your meals

It is a good idea to plan your meals for the day in advance, this will help you count your calories, watch your portions, and avoid eating extra unplanned snacks

Healthy prepared meals subscription is also a good idea to ensure that you are eating healthy and to prevent weight gain in those cold days. Lina’s and Dina’s Diet Center provides a variety of options and a plenty of delicious meals to help you eat healthy in winter. Also, we offer weekly visits with the dietitians to help you track your weight

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Edit by: Dietitian Reham

Reham Mohammad Nabeel Alnuqtah
11 December, 2020
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